Electric Wisdom Sound System

Electric Wisdom Sound System

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Sun Paulo are Taiji Sato (guitar), Takashi Numazawa (drums) and Toshiyuki Mori (keyboards). Taiji is also the leader of respected rock band, Theatre Brook, while Numazawa is one of Japan's leading drummers (Theatre Brook, Oki Dub Ainu Band and many more) and Mori has played with Eye Yamataka, Aki Ondo and other innovative musicians. Sun Paulo mix dance music with rock elements, and have been described as a jam band on killer dance tracks. The organize regular parties in Tokyo, at Unit in Daikanyama, collaborating with DJs such as Ken Ishii, Eye (Boredoms) and Chari Chari. This includes a cover of Burt Bacharach's Close to You. 1. I Against a Speeeeed! 2. But We Want More 3. Another One 4. Romanov's Boogie 5. Electric Western Part 1- Fiber Optics 6. Part 2- Everybody Get Down 7. Part 3, Da Da Da Montuno 8. Who I Am 9. Electric Lady Apple 10. Close to You Part 1 - Entrance 11. Part 2 : Exit