El Arpista del Paraguay

El Arpista del Paraguay

Product Description

The harp is the national instrument, indeed national symbol, of Paraguay, its roots in the missionary systems of neighbouring countries dating back to the 16th century. It is the instrument of the campesinos (country folk). Felix Perez Cardoza (1908-1952) was one of the greatest players during a period when Paraguayan harpists began to play across the world. He learnt from other harpists, and moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he developed his career. This CD is of harp, with some male vocals, guitar and rhythms of Argentine folk music.

1. Pájaro Campana
2. Misiones
3. Che Valle Mi Yaguarón
4. Ani Rerovia
5. Asunceña
6. Santa Fé
7. Llegada
8. Burrerita
9. Loma Clavel
10. Caballeria
11. Teresita
12. Tesai
13. Ivitu Vevui
14. Colorado
15. Angela Rosa
16. En Ti Halla Consuelo
17. Mi Nueva Flor
18. Tren Lechoro
19. Mi Despedida
20. Virginia
21. Mi Dicha Lejana
22. Mi Poncho
23. San Ramon
24. Doña Olimpia
25. Rodríguez Peña
26. Los Amores
27. La Media Caña
28. Asunción