Ecology of Everyday Life

Ecology of Everyday Life

Product Description

Long awaited new album from one Japan's great originals. Ecology of Everyday Life is an instrumental album combining a range of sounds and influences. Kenji Ozawa together with Keigo Oyamada, aka Cornelius, was in cult favorites Flipper's Guitar. He has since released sporadic solo albums, influenced at first by classic American pop and psychedelic music. Ozawa arrived as a seminal artist with various rap and club collaborations, before reverting to more pop and soul on his second solo album, Life, while his following albums took their cue from jazz and contemporary R&B. Ecology of Everyday Life has six tracks. 1. The River 2. Voices From Wilderness 3. Ecology Of Everyday Life 4. Jetset Junta 5. The Sea (I Can Hear Her Breathing) 6. Sol Le Pido A Dios 7. Shadow Work 8. Sleepers Awake / Mathrimba.