Early Rokkets 40+1 (Blu-spec CD2) (2 CDs)

Early Rokkets 40+1 (Blu-spec CD2) (2 CDs)

Product Description

Released to mark 40 years since the band was formed, tracks selected by Makoto Ayukawa, including solo material by Sheena and Makoto, with bonus track a live version of Lemon Tea. They began playing as opening act for Elvis Costello in 1978, collaborated with YMO and Haruomi Hosono in 1979, and played with the Ramones in Tokyo (Sheena took her name from the Ramones song). Sheena passed away in 2015.

1. You May Dream 2. Baby Maybe 3. Omaega Hoshii (One More Time) 4. You Really Got Me 5. Lazy Crazy Blues 6. Hot Line 7. My Boyfriend 8. Propose 9. Kiss Me Quick 10. Good Luck 11. Batman Theme 12. I Got You I Feel Good 13. One Night Stand 14. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 15. Krazy Kook Kat 16. Heart Hi No Tsukete 17. Taikutsu na Sekai 18. Stiff Lips 19. Snakeman 20. Sentimental Fool 21. Lemon Tea (1981 Live) (Bonus Track)

1. Lemon Tea 2. Pinup Baby Blues 3. Moonlight Dance 4. Cry Cry Cry 5. Radio Junk 6. Oh! Suzy-Q 7. Ukabuki no Peach Girl 8. Bon Temps Rouler 9. Beautiful 10. Kowaremo-no 11. Jukeboxer 12. Dead Guitar 13. Boon Boon (Makoto Ayukawa) 14. I Love You (Makoto Ayukawa) 15. Why Why Why (Sheena) 16. Help Me (Sheena) 17. Chanel #5 No On The Rock 18. Virus Capsule 19. Koi no Dance Tengoku 20. Old Fashioned Love Song