Dubforce (EP)

Dubforce (EP)

Product Description

Dub - the music, bands, mixes, remixes- has been around for so long in Japan it's almost become a tradition. In March 2015, an event 'Asamoto Lovers Aid' was held to raise money for Hirofumi Asamoto, a musician and lover of dub, who was in hospital at the time receiving treatment after being involved in a bicycle crash. Unfortunately Asamoto later passed away. At this event several veterans of the dub scene got together including Watsui (bass) Gota Yashiki (drums) Aida Shigekazu (guitar), Emerson Kitamura (keyboards) Akihito Masui (trombone) which eventually resulted in Dubforce and this EP. Some of these musicians were in the group Mute Beat (who Asamoto played with) pioneers of the dub scene from the 1980s. These musicians have always remained popular and this latest dub band has been enthusiastly received in Japan by lovers of dub and reggae Tracks range from those written by by Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble to Aswad and originals.
1. Robinson Crusoe 2. Dub Fire 3. How Much Are They? 4. Tokyo Dub 5. Shabon Tama