Dub Ainu

Dub Ainu

Product Description

'Oki's approach fuses reggae, Africana and electronica with Ainu folk melodies. The wistfully brittle sound of the tonkori (a long flat stringed instrument with an unfretted soundboard that produces mysterious overtones) on Dub Ainu may suggest kora, sometimes qin or guitar but generally it's like nothing you've ever heard before.' Steve Barker in Wire February 2005.

'A fascinating mix of old and new, sort of T Rex meets Horace Andy and Can in Hawaii.' Charlie Gillett
'A bugged out trippy affair distinct from any dub contemporaries we have come across.' Future World Funk in Straight no Chaser
'My tip for the top-it sounds like a polite oriental Bow Wow Wow. Great fun. (4 Stars)' Howard Male, Independent on Sunday
'Mesmeric acoustic grooves and assorted global influences. Odd...and out there.' Neil Spencer, The Observer.
'No holds barred having great fun stripping down the vocals, adding bits of reverb and pumping up the volume.' fRoots
'With rock 'n' roll attitude Oki Dub Ainu Band spun trance-like grooves with bass and side drum percussion.' Simon Broughton in Songlines