Dreaming Pupa

Dreaming Pupa

Product Description

Second album from the group Pupa, formed by Yukihiro Takahashi of YMO fame and featuring Hiroshi Takano, Ren Takada, Tomoyo Harada, Tomohiko Gondo and Hirohisa Horie. This follows on from their well received first album with Takahashi's signature sound of melodic electronica pop. Acoustic and electronica are blended together expertly in a funky, folky and catchy style with vocals from Tomoyo Harada and Takahashi.
1. Meta 2. Changing Skies 3. Azalea -gogatsu No Hikari.kimi No Inai Michi- 4. Mr.Epigone5. Dreaming Pupa -yumemiru Bokura- 6. Current 7. Circadian Rhythm 8. Your Favorite Pain 9. All It Takes 10. If 11. Away Into Yesterday 12. Dun 13. Let`s. Let`s Dance 14. Kaleidscope Waltz