Down Beat Connection - Taiwan - Ryukyu Vol.1

Down Beat Connection - Taiwan - Ryukyu Vol.1

Product Description

Compiled by Little Masta, brilliant album exploring connections between the close neighboring alternative music scenes in Okinawa and Taiwan, with ska, reggae, dub, cumbia, afrobeat, and other unclassifiable styles. Artists include The Bartox featuring the guitarist from Mongol 800 who record their brand of ska in 1960s vintage style, Tenugui Brothers with Orlando from Ghana and Little Masta, Taipei based Cumbia band La Cumbia del Sol and Otaku3 from Taiwan a collective of musicians living an alternative lifestyle.
1. The Barcox (Okinawa) - Miss Okinawa 2. Gintendan (Okinawa) - CV-6 Ver.1.0 3. Tenugui Brothers (Okinawa)- Mandela 4. Mad Over (Okinawa)- Set if Off (feat. Yoojee & Shin) 5. La Cumbia del Sol (Taiwan) - Revolucion 6. Skaraoke (Taiwan) - Ska Train to Okinawa feat. All Japan Goith (Okinawa) 7. Dubjuana Midnight System (Japan) - Titan 8. Little Masta (Okinawa) - Ass Hole 9. Otaku 3 (Taiwan) - Seven & A Half