Double Famous

Double Famous

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Double Famous could be described as a 10 piece jazz band, but that doesn't tell half the story. Double Famous play what they describe as 'mukokuseki ongaku' - new wave world music or a kind of urban nomadic sound. Their music incorporates Afrobeat, Latin-Jazz, Hawaiian, Japanese traditional and just about any other form of music that takes their fancy. The group were formed by multi-instrumentalist Takuji Aoyagi, who is also leader of Little Creatures, while other members include Satoshi Kuribayashi on ukulele, Shuichiro Sakaguchi on trumpet and several percussion players. This is their fifth album, and has probably more variety than ever before, with bits of surf, 50s style musical and New Orleans music.
1. Tu Mera Main Teri Duniya Jale to Jale 2. Also Sprach Zarathustra 3. Me & Bobby McGee 4. Hot House of Omagarashid 5. O-papa- Shame and Scandal in the Family 6. A Woman is A Sometime Thing 7. Aishi no Honeymoon 8. Whirr 9. Waltz on Tuesday 10. Bikini 11. DF 12. Drum Samba 13. Fire Fire