Doomsday - Shumatsu

Doomsday - Shumatsu

Product Description

Born in Okinawa in 2000, at age 16 Saya was a member of an idol group called Tincy, followed by the duo Sozesaya and has been recording solo since 2017. She has taken her solo music in different directions including ambient and experimental electronic, as well as techno and dance music. A range of guests add to the variety of this her fourth album, including Tetsushi Hiroyama (Ryukyudisko), Tavito Nanao, Auto-Mod Genet, Esme Mori, King of Noise, T.Morikawa and more. She sings in Japanese, Uchinaguchi (Okinawan) and English. These days she is based in Tokyo, but several tracks reflect her roots in Okinawa. Another of the new generation taking Okinawan music in new directions, as well as creating some other powerful music.

1. Hito nu Du
2. Dancing in the Distance
3. Glass no Pegasus
4. Kamen
5. Arawarin2022
6. Achame!
7. Ashibana
8. Kasumiso
9. Ansoku no Hi
10. Anata no Chikyu
11. Eden no Tori
12. Hotaru
13. Kareta Shima
14. Haisha
15. Hari
16. Doomsday - Shumatsu
17. Subete