Product Description

First album of new stuff from the new Nenez who were 'reborn' last year with their album of original Nenes songs. The comparison to the first incarnation of Nenes is inevitable, if a little unfair on the excellent four young singers who take the starring role. They sing beautifully. The problem is the original Nenes trademark backing over those voices was partly created by musicians and producers other than Sadao China and have never been replaced. Sadao China is obviously a great songwriter and mentor, but overall the album suffers in its production values. Some songs, particularly the more simple, work well, while on others, the use of keyboards, electric guitar and drums distract rather than enhance. Overall however, the charm of Nenez remains, if you can get over what a more creative mind in the studio might have brought to the album.
1. Hey Man 2. Shima Shu No Uta 3. Anata Ni Ae Te 4. Yagamaya 5. Kajin 6. Unjiuu ga Joudou Yoriyuki Mariru 7. Cha Villa Sai 8. Can`t Help Falling In Love 9. Furusato No Kaze 10. Irodori 11. Katari Itaya 12. Sen Nen Sendan Ki 13. Hey Man- Beguine