Dies Irae - Ikari no Hi

Dies Irae - Ikari no Hi

Product Description

First full album from the brilliant, scaled down version of Cicala Mvta. Quite frankly though, this record doesn't sound too scaled down and there are eight musicians involved. Some tracks have been recorded by Cicala Mvta before (Weeked of a Clown, Right to Live in Peace) but are arranged quite differently. Wonderful stuff. Wataru Ohkuma (clarinet, bass clarinet, accordion, glockenspiel, other percussion, chorus) Yasuko Kaneko (trombone) Natsuki Hattori (guitar) Marie Abe (accordion) Naoki Hishinuma (tuba) Kogure Miwazo (ching-dong, chorus) Fuchin (drums) Hiroshi Kawamura (guitar) Masataka Fujikake (drums)
1. Dies Irae 2. Tivoli March (Lars Hollmer) 3. Cirque de Cent Ans 4. A Weeked of a Clown 5. Artigiana 6. Imi Atu Ba Ne Be 7. The Right to Live in Peace (Victor Jara) 8. Lively and Happily (Abe Schwartz) 9. Warszawianka Part 1 10. Warszawianka Part 2