Dementos (LP Vinyl)

Dementos (LP Vinyl)

Product Description

2019 remaster, first time issued on LP. Original release 1988. Explores the relationship between music and words. Lyrics written in collaboration with Shimizu's sister, Mieko with David Cunningham (Flying Lizards) providing some intros. Recorded in the UK. Cunningham also plays guitar and the recording features other UK musicians including Manny Elias original drummer with Tears for Fears and Pandit Dinesh, sometimes dubbed 'The Godfather of Percussion', who played with West India Company and is a well known composer for TV and films.
Side A
1. Blue Suits 2. Dementos 3. Madame Shriek 4. A Normal Day 5. Find No Word to Say
Side B
1. I'm Dying for Love 2. My Friend the Secretary 3. Anaconda Mon Amour 4. Soul De Rock 5. Sateto

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