Daisy Holiday Presented by Haruomi Hosono

Daisy Holiday Presented by Haruomi Hosono

Product Description

It's been four years since Haroumi Hosono's record label, Daisyworld Discs, released anything new. Now the label is back in partnership with Columbia Music Entertainment. With it's mantra of 'quality and originality' Daisyworld released some fantastic album since its inception in 1996. This compilation, selected by Hosono is of old and new tracks by some of the label's top artists. The title Daisy Holiday comes from Hosono's radio show, and this CD of 20 tracks is desgined to play like his radio show with little interludes, sketches and messages.
1. Harry Blewer / Minute Merenge 2. Miharu Koshi / Type Writer 3. Bo Hanks Sextet / Power House 4. Beautiful Humming Bird / Eidelweiss (Japanese Demo Version) 5. Tei Towa / Channel Ginga 6. Ren Takada / Kaerimichi 7. James Loverock / Gaia Message 8. Miharu Koshi / Rowayal Eplon 9. Humming Kitchen / Panorama no Oka 10. Takuji Aoyanagi / Kyo ga Owaru koroni 11. Various / Pon Pon Joki / Cont 12. Bo Hanks Saxophone Sextet/ Toy Trumpet 13. Miharu Koshi / Café du Carfur 14. Vagabond c.p.a. & Harry Hosono Jr. / Old Music Master 15. Haruomi Hosono, Miharu Koshi / Yume-Sore wa Dream 16. Tin Pan / Hoshizora no Strat 17. World Standard / Alegria Boricure Symphony 18. Haruomi Hosono / Great Ship Went Down 19. Kiseru / Kimi no Inu 20. Elevator / Cont 21. Haruomi Hosono & World Shyness / Hongkong Blues 22. Gen Hoshino / Daisy Omisoshiru