Dai Han Nya

Dai Han Nya

Product Description

Noh is the medieval theatre of Japan that developed during the Muromachi period (1333-1568). This superb DVD comes with English liner notes and chapter titles in English to help non-Japanese speakers navigate their way around. Noh includes a musical accompaniment with dance, and the actors perform in a highly measured style. They wear beautiful costumes and some superbly carved masks. The plays are stripped down, the stage is simple, the actors performing on a bare stage in front of a wall with a painted pine tree. The texts are considered works of profound beauty, the highest form of literature. Noh has fascinated Japanese and westerners alike for its immense grace and artistry. This performance was recorded in January 2006 in Sapporo city in Hokkaido under candlelight, the original way. The DVD includes an interview with Yoshimasa Kanze, the actor of the main character, who explains the text (in Japanese only) and costumes. There are interviews with other actors, musicians plus conversations between Yoshimasa Kanze and another famous actor, Rokuro Umewaka. With Japanese subtitles. Hi-vision, Region code 2 - NTSC.