Daegeum World of Han Joo-Hwan (2 CDs)

Daegeum World of Han Joo-Hwan (2 CDs)

Product Description

Sanjo is a style of Korean traditional music, centered aorund a single instrument accompanied by janggu drum. Sanjo embodies various characteristics of Korean traditional music, drawing on traditions such as operatic pansori, shaministic sinawi and aristocratic chamber music, pungnyu. Originallly developed at the end of the 19th century for the gayageum, the sanjo was adopted for other instruments, including the transverse bamboo flute, the daegeum. Park Jong-Gi is considered to be the creator of Daegeum Sanjo, and the artist heard on this album, Han Joo-Hwan was one of his disciples. These recordings date back to the 1950s, originally on 78s, LPs and reel to reel tape. Current master, Seo Yong Seok, learnt under Han Joo-Hwan, so the original style has been passed down through the generations.

Gamjang Sanjo I 1. Jinyangjo SP 2. Jungmori SP 1950s Cheongeun Sanjo II 3. Jinyangjo LP 4. Jungmori LP 5. Jungjongmori 6. Jajinmori LP 1950s Chuseok, Taepyeong-sa 7. Jungmori LP 8. Jungjungmori (Gutgeori) LP 9. Jajinmori LP Taepyoungsoo: Bang Tae Jin, 1950s Cheongeun Sanjo III 10. Jinyangjo REEL-TAPE 11. Jungmori REEL-TAPE 12. Jungjongmori REEL-TAPE 13. Jajinmori REEL-TAPE Recorded: 1959 Total 65:54

Daegeum Sanjo IV 1. Jinyangjo REEL-TAPE 2. Jungmori REEL-TAPE 3. Jungjungmori REEL-TAPE 4. Zajinmori REEL-TAPE recording: 1950s Gamgeun Sanjo V 5. Jinyangjo REEL-TAPE 6. Jungmori REEL-TAPE 7. Jungjungmori REEL-TAPE 8. Jajinmori REEL-TAPE recording: 1950s Cheon San San VI 9. Jinyangjo REEL-TAPE 10. Jungmori REEL-TAPE 11. Jungjungmori REEL-TAPE 12. Jajinmori REEL-TAPE recording: 1950s Daegeum Pungnyu13. Yeombulhwan REEL-TAPE 14. Talyeong REEL-TAPE Bonus tracks - Daegeum 15. Yeombulhwan REEL-TAPE 16. Talyeong REEL-TAPE Recording 1959 Total: 55: 54