Product Description

Jero (Jerome White Jr.) is an African American from Pittsburgh. His grandmother is Japanese, and from her he learned to sing enka songs, and fell in love with them. So much so he moved to Japan in 2003, practiced in karaoke bars and was eventually spotted and offered a record contract. He dresses up in hip-hop fashion, in stark contrast to the genre he's singing, making enka seem suddenly hip. His first single, Umiyuki became a massive hit and this is his first album. On it he covers some of the most popular ever enka songs, with a jazzy accompaniment. Marty Friedman (ex-guitarist with Megadeth, now Japan resident) plays guitar on one track. Original artists of the songs are in brackets in the track list below.
1. Hisame (Akio Kayama) 2. Kimi Koishi (Frank Nagai) 3. Yozora (Hiroshi Itsuki) 4. Mizukagami (Ippei Suzuki) 5. Honmoku Merhen (Takashi Shikauchi) 6. Pusan-koh e Kaere (Cho Yong Pil) 7. Saraba Koibito (Masaaki Sakai)