Complete Susan

Complete Susan

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Susan is best known for collaborating with members of YMO and gained a cult following in Japan and around the world. Born to a Japanese mother and American father she had a pop and acting career in the 70s before meeting Yukihiro Takahashi of YMO who helped relaunch her career. As well as featuring all three members of YMO, her album 'Do You Believe in Mazik?' had contributions from other luminaries such as Makoto Kubota and Kenji Omura. She was launched in Europe alongside YMO, Sandii & The Sunsetz and Ippu-Do in a campaign called 'Music from the Land of the Rising Sun.' She recorded another album with YMO members called 'The Girl Can't Help It' that also featured Masami Tsuchiya of Ippu-Do, Shigeru Umebayashi (from EX) and Sandii. The 2 CD set Complete Susan features both these albums plus singles released onto CD for the first time. CD1. Modern Flower in Boots 2. 24,000 kai no Kiss 3. Dream of You 4. Do you Believe in Magic? 5. Ah! Soka 6. Freezin'Fish Under the Moonlight 7. Glass Girl 8. It's No Time for You to Cry 9. Screamer CD2. 1. You're My Number One 2. Koi Seyo Otome 3. Training 4. Blow -Up 5. I Need Your Love 6. I Only Love Out at Night 7. Go Go 8. Nuit de Saint-Germain 9. Tokyo Sue 10. My Love 11. Modern World 12. Samurukand Odori 13. Chavon Doll 14. Koi wa Dance.