Colorful! Exciting! Pop Music!

Colorful! Exciting! Pop Music!

Product Description

First album for four years, Akari Machi is a female singer/songwriter who plays an enormous range of styles, from disco, new wave, soul, jazz, punk, ambient to Japanese kouta and enka. Arrangements by Sally Kubota and Yumi Okada.

1. A Wonderful Time
2. A Guilty Ramen Noodle
3. Nightwalker in Mink
4. A Thoughtful Gunman
5. I'm Haute Couture!
6. Video Submission Palace
7. No One BBS (Before School)
8. Doctor Stop!
9. Come Back To Me Serotonin
10. Cute Animal Elegy
11. Minitsuma
12. Passion for 1 Terabyte
13. Making Up for Eye Bags
14. Fake HHappy
15. A Story of Mogu-Kichi
16. Sappari Bushi
17. Cheap Edition Song
18. It's Time You Realize It
19. Don't Be Mad
20. Sympathizer: From Otaku with Love
21. No One BBS (After School)
22. A Big Subject
23. Good Taste
24. Washing for Earth