Collector's Edition 30th Anniversary Premium Box

Collector's Edition 30th Anniversary Premium Box

Product Description

It's thirty years since Moonriders were formed by Keiichi Suzuki. Suzuki had been one of Hachimitsu Pie that also featured Haruomi Hosono (Happy End, YMO) and Morio Agata who went onto a successful solo career. Suzuki also collaborated with Yukihiro Takahashi in the Beatniks. However, Moonriders never achieved the recognition at home or abroad of their peers, but have been recognized in more recent years for their enormous influence and innovative music. From folk rock beginnings they experimented with technopop and ethnic sounds. To commemorate this 30th anniversary this is a 3 DVD set. DVD1 is a documentary film about Moonriders, Passion Maniacs. DVD2 is of their live performances, some previously unseen -13 tracks. DVD3 Full versions of live performances seen in the documentary - 7 tracks.