Ciao Ocarina! The Best of European Folk Music

Ciao Ocarina! The Best of European Folk Music

Product Description

First album by quartet formed in 2022 by Fabio Galliani , a member of Ocarina Septet G.O.B. The ocarina was created in 1853 in Boudrio, near Bologna, Italy by Giusebbe Donati. The ocarina that Fabio uses is passed down through Donati's techniques and thoughts. Fabio plays ocarinas in different keys on this album, and on "Valzer Siciliano", six ocarinas.

"Many people around the world love the sweet and cheerful sound of ocarina. A sound close to nature, which brings with it thoughts of peace. Ocarina was born in Italy, in Bedrio (near Bologna) in the mid-19th century, but today it is known and played all over the world, especially in Japan.

With the ocarina it is possible to play any kind of music, from classical to jazz to pop (and in fact I love playing any kind of music with ocarina!)

But the roots of this instrument lie in traditional European music and it is in this type of music that in my opinion the ocarina gives its best, especially if accompanied by two other typical instruments of European folk music; the accordiion and the guitar.

This is why I thought of a project linked to traditional European and Mediterranean music that could be new and very interesting for the many ocarina enthusiasts from all over the world.

We enjoyed choosing dances and songs from various countries and overduring new melodies and rhythms with other instruments, to make listening ever richer and more varied.

Some melodies are cheerful, others more melancholy, but the sound of ocarinas, accordion, guitar and Barbara's voice in our opinion makes them all very beautiful!

Among the various songs, I want to point out in particular 'El cant dels Ocells', an ancient Catalan song that has become a hymn to peace in the world, a topic that is very close to our heart.'
Fabio Galliani

1. Danny Boy (IRELAND) Traditional
Fabio Galliani:ocarinas AC, SG, figulino, clarinet / Marco Fabbri:accordeon / Laura Francaviglia:guitar

2. Tarantella Napoletana (ITALY) Traditional
Fabio Galliani:ocarinas AC, SC / Marco Fabbri:accordeon / Laura Francaviglia:guitar, “battente” guitar, percussions(riqq)

3. Sonny's Mazurka (IRELAND) Traditional
Fabio Galliani:figulino, ocarinas AC, BC / Marco Fabbri:accordeon / Laura Francaviglia:guitar

4. Never on Sunday (Greek title: Ta pedia tou Pirea )(GREECE) Manos Hadjidakis Fabio Galliani:ocarinas AG, SG / Marco Fabbri:accordeon / Laura Francaviglia:guitar, baglamadaki (Greek mandolin)

5. My Old River (ITALY / Original) Fabio Galliani
Barbara Giorgi:voice / Fabio Galliani:ocarina AC, clarinet, water whistles / Marco Fabbri:accordeon / Laura Francaviglia:guitar, little percussions

6. Hava Nagila (ISRAEL) Traditional
Fabio Galliani:ocarina SC / Marco Fabbri: accordeon / Laura Francaviglia / guitar, percussions(darbouka, riqq)

7. Laurina la va in filanda (ITALY) Traditional
Barbara Giorgi:vocal / Fabio Galliani:ocarinas AG, SG, clarinet, vocal / Marco Fabbri:accordeon / Laura Francaviglia:guitar

8. Fandango (SPAIN) Traditional
Fabio Galliani:ocarina AC / Marco Fabbri:accordeon / Laura Francaviglia:guitar, percussions(wooden spoons)

9. The Maids of Mitchelstown (IRELAND) Traditional
Fabio Galliani:ocarinas AC, BC / Marco Fabbri:accordeon / Laura Francaviglia:guitar

10. Fraylekh (POLAND) Traditional
Fabio Galliani:ocarinas AC, SC / Marco Fabbri:accordeon / Laura Francaviglia:guitar, percussioni(darbouka, riqq)

11. Polesine (ITALY) Luigi Fossati /Sergio Liberovici
Barbara Giorgi:vocal / Fabio Galliani:ocarinas SF, AF / Marco Fabbri:accordeon / Laura Francaviglia:guitar

12. Valzer Siciliano (ITALY) Traditional
Fabio Galliani:ocarina AC, ocarina sextet / Marco Fabbri:accordeon / Laura Francaviglia:guitar, mandolin, percussions(wooden spoons)

13. Odessa Bulgarish (UKRAINE) Traditional
Fabio Galliani:ocarina SG / Marco Fabbri:accordeon / Laura Francaviglia:guitar, percussions(darbouka, riqq)

14. Mawtini (My Homeland) (PALESTINE) Mohammed Flayfel Fabio Galliani:ocarine AC, BC,SC / Marco Fabbri:bandoneon / Laura Francaviglia:oud, guitar

15. El cant dels ocells (SPAIN·CATALONIA) Traditional
Fabio Galliani ocarinas BC, AC / Marco Fabbri:accordeon / Laura Francaviglia:guitar

16. Maremma~Partire partiro' (ITALY) Traditional~Francesco Mechi Barbara Giorgi:vocal / Fabio Galliani:ocarinas SG, AG, vocal / Marco Fabbri:accordeon, backing vocal / Laura Francaviglia:guitar, backing vocal

17. L'inconnu de Limoise (FRANCE)