Chojikuu Korodastan Ryokouki (Blu-Spec CD, Cardboard Sleeve)

Chojikuu Korodastan Ryokouki (Blu-Spec CD, Cardboard Sleeve)

Product Description

This album was originally released in 1984 as a kind of soundtrack or concept album to a musical that never came to fruition. Apogee & Perigee are credited as the artists, but was the name for robots that featured in the story. The artists took part anonymously but were under Haruomi Hosono's Yen label such as Miharu Koshi, Jun Togawa and Yuji Miyake, with the album produced by Hosono. Long sought after, it was never promoted at the time and had only a limited pressing on vinyl. Now re-released as Blu-Spec CD.
1. Mitsumasa Shinozaki / Prologue 2. Apogee & Perigee / Gessekai Ryokou 3. Kouji Tagami / Professor Persec 4. Miharu Koshi / Animaloid-mv2 5. Morinoki Gasshodan / Sakasakenjin-egas 6. Apogee /Theme Of Apogee 7. Miyuki Hashimoto / Queen Glacier 8. Perigee /Theme Of Perigee 9. Apogee & Perigee / Shinkuu Kiss 10. Testpattern / Hope

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