Chlangden Vol. 29

Chlangden Vol. 29

Product Description

20 tracks of mostly the female vocalists Pan Ron and Ros Sereysothea, mixture of upbeat and slower tunes, great mix of Cambodian and Western influences on this one. Although Ros is considered such a legend details on her life are sketchy at best. From a poor family she was born Ros Sothea in the village of Battambong. She sung with her family band playing traditional music and soon garnered a reputation for her amazing voice. Together with her brother Serey she traveled to Phnom Penh to seek her fortune in the burgeoning music scene. Sothea was an instant hit, captivating any audience that saw her. She started to record for a record label and took the name of Ros Sereysothea. The King gave her the title 'Preah Rheich Teany Somlang Meas' or Golden Voice of the Royal Capital. Despite an unhappy personal life, she continued her career until the Khmer Rouge took power in 1975. She was forced to live in a camp and when her identity was discovered was assigned to sing propaganda songs of the new regime. She was forced to marry an assistant of Pol Pot and not long after disappeared, never to be heard of again. It is believed she was killed in the ensuing genocide. She had an electrifying voice and is revered today as the diva of Cambodian music.

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