Chikyu - Nihon

Chikyu - Nihon

Product Description

Hiromitsu Kineya was born into a famous family of Nagauta shamisen players. His great-grandfather probably turned in his grave as Hiromitsu donned an outfit straight out of Star Trek and started playing shamisen with rock and rap. Well, he seems to have calmed down a bit and on his latest album is playing a jazz funk traditional fusion. Kineya wrote all the tunes and got on board well known J-pop arranger Takao Konishi to help out with arrangements, keyboards and programming. They then employed the talents of some great traditional musicians including National Treasures such as Hozan Yamamoto (shakuhachi), Bokusei Mochizuki (kozutsumi), Kisaku Katada (taiko), Wakasa Tsuruga (shinnuchi) and Tetsuo Miyata Tohon (nagauta). The J-pop/trad mix is an interesting concept and this albums brings together some of Japan's finest traditional musicians with one of the leading arrangers working behind the scenes in the J-pop world.