Campus Omote! Best

Campus Omote! Best

Product Description

Okinawa's Campus Records is run by Bisekatsu, also known as a songwriter and producer in his own right. Bisekatsu has compiled 2 CDs for release in Japan on Respect Records. The first of these 'Omote' (front)features some of greats, Rinsho Kadekaru and Seijin Noborikawa alongside young singers such as Toru Yonaha, Chihiro Kamiya and Mika Uchizato and artists who might have a name in Okinawa but not on the mainland such as Yui Yui Sisters, Shuken Maekawa and the excellent Masao Teruya. A couple of weak tracks but mostly an enjoyable trawl through the catalogue of an outstanding local label. Great Seargent Pepper copy cover with photos of the artists.