Bossa Japa Nova

Bossa Japa Nova

Product Description

Beakers play what they call 'bossa japa nova' folkloric songs. Sort of bossa nova influenced tunes sung in a Japanese folk style with a bit of French musette added for good measure. The band is comprised of Ryosuke Itoh (vocals, guitar), Shiho Itoh (flute) and Tobio (accordion) and on this album guests on bass and drums. 11 tracks.

We started off as neo-acoustic, soft rock band in 1995.
As we have gradually devoted ourselves to music from Brasil, Argentina or France and Spain, our sounds have changed during the decade.
After the release of some songs by cassette tapes, joining some compilations, we have released 1st mini-album "Beakers" in 2002.
1st full album "trio" was recorded by vocal, guitar, flute and drums without bass which has more acoustic feelings despite its experimental form.
After the change of members, we've started to record new CD with guest musicians; Tobio (acc), Tetsu (b), and KLB (ds). It's supposed to be out 2009 July 19th.