Bon Voyage Co. (Taian Yoko) Blu-Spec CD2

Bon Voyage Co. (Taian Yoko) Blu-Spec CD2

Product Description

Originally released July 1976. Hosono's third solo album (after Hosono House and Tropical Dandy). 'Tropical', 'exotica' plus New Orleans and Okinawan influences. Backing musicians from Tin Pan Alley and Happy End including Shigeru Suzuki (guiitar) Eiichi Ohtaki (bass) and Akiko Yano (piano). This albums uses the remastered version of the album, released as Harry Hosono, Crown Years 1974-1977, under the supervision of Hosono himself. Includes two bonus tracks, a single version of Peking Duck and a radio interview with Hosono following the release of the album in 1976. Watch a video of Tin Pan Alley performing Chocho San at Chinatown in Yokohama and listen to the single version of Peking Duck.
1. Chocho-San 2. Hong Kong Blues 3. Sayonara, the Japanese Farewell Song 4. Roochoo Gumbo 5. Bon Voyage co. Taian Yoko 6. Tokyo Shyness Boy 7. Black Peanuts 8. Chow Chow Dog 9. Pom Pom Joki 10. Exotica Lullaby
Bonus Tracks - 11. Peking Duck (Single Version 1976) 12. Harry talking on the radio (TBS Radio 8th August 1976)