Blue Summer -Selected Tracks 1991-1995 (x 2 LP Vinyl)

Blue Summer -Selected Tracks 1991-1995 (x 2 LP Vinyl)

Product Description

Tracks from the early years of Fishmans selected by the drummer KIn-Ichi Motegi, Blue Summer being the title of their first demo. As well as singer Shinji Sato (who died in 1999) the group also featured Kensuke Ojima (guitar, vocals), bassist Yuzuru Kashiwabara and on their first albu, Hakase-Sun. Their first album, Chappie Don't Cry was produced by Kazufumi Kodama of Mute Beat and was a fairly straightforward reggae record. Subsequent albums would be more experimental with a Shibuya-kei take on reggae and dub, which would become more of their trademark sound. This album contains tracks from the first album, the EP, Corduroy's Mood, singles and more.
Side A
1. Go Go Round This World! [from "Go Go Round This World!"]
2. Melody [from "ORANGE"]
3. Just Thing [from "Neo Yankees' Holiday"]
4. Nantetano? [from "King Master George"]

Side B
5. Hikoki [from "Chappie, Don't Cry"]
6. Shizuka na Asa [from "MELODY"]
7. Smilin'Days, Summer Holiday (kick the space echo session) [from "Go Go Round This World!"]

Side C
1. Blue Summer [from "Oh! Mountain"]
2. Anoko Ga Nemuteiru [from "Corduroy's Mood"]
3. Kansha [from "ORANGE"]

Side D
4. Taiyori nai Tanshi [from "King Master George"]
5. Ikareta Baby (glittering rewinder mix) [from "Neo Yankees' Holiday"]
6. Future [from "Chappie, Don't Cry"]