Big Wave (30th Anniversary Edition)

Big Wave (30th Anniversary Edition)

Product Description

Originally released in 1984, original songs and covers of Beach Boys, a soundtrack for the film of the same name. This 30th anniversary edition comes with seven additional tracks.

1. The Theme From Big Wave
2. Jody
3. Only With You
4. Magic Ways
5. Your Eyes
6. I Love You...part 2
7. Girls On The Beach
8. Please Let Me Wonder
9. Darlin`
10. Guess I`m Dumb
11. This Could Be The Night
12. I Love You...part 1
-Bonus Tracks
13. Breakdance [Previously Unreleased]
14. I Love You [Previously Unreleased Acappella 120sec. Version]
15. Only with You [Guitar Instrumental]
16. This Could Be the Night [Previously Unreleased Alternate Mix]
17. Please Let Me Wonder [Previously Unreleased Karaoke]
18. Only with You [Previously Unreleased Karaoke]
19. I Love You [Previously Unreleased Acappella 30sec. Version]