Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders

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By any definition, Tri Nguyen is an exceptional musician. He is a virtuoso classical pianist and one of Vietnam's greatest players of the traditional zither, the dan tranh. Not surprisingly, his previous albums have been collaborations of some sort. One with a western string quartet the other with Arabic oud player Qais Saadi. This, however, is his most ambitious album yet, with excursions to Africa, Brazil, Scotland, Kalmykia (a republic in Russia), Corsica and Vietnam. There are lots of surprises along the way, Nguyen's virtuosity bringing out the versatility of his instrument.
1. Distant Voices (feat. Mabinty Camara, Ella Bangoura, Faama Bangoura, Charlie Youla) 2. Hanging Moon (feat. Clément Garcin) by Teca Calazans, Tri Nguyen 3. Guacyra (feat. Clément Garcin) by Teca Calazans, Tri Nguyen 4. Dragon and Tiger Dance (feat. Huynh Kim Sinh) 5. My Home by Tri Nguyen, Pipe Band Mackeller 6. Edjin Duun (feat. Clément Garcin) by Tri Nguyen, Buynta Goryaeva 7. A Biasgina by Tri Nguyen, A Stonda 8. A Blackbird in Kallisté by Tri Nguyen, A Stonda 9. Evening Song (feat. Staythesame, Net Viet) 10. Black Riding Horse (feat. Staythesame, Net Viet)