Bali- Balinese Music of Lombok (Smithsonian Folkways Custom CD)

Bali- Balinese Music of Lombok (Smithsonian Folkways Custom CD)

Product Description

The island of Lombok lies about 20 miles east of Bali. Whereas Bali is essentially Hindu, Lombok has a Islamic majority. The music shares some similarities with Bali but is also quite distinct. Vocals, including the local Sasak language, solo performances on the preret double reed oboe are alongside gamelan pieces played by an ensemble on bronze percussion, flute and hand drums. Originally released 1997.

1. Tabuh Empat (Four Strokes) Sekaha Gong Budisatu 16:56 2. Wau Rauh (Just Arrived) Sekaha Angklung Murni 3:05 3. Adine Wau Rauh (Sibling Just Arrived) - Sekaha Angklung Murni 2:20 4. Rangsang (Exciting) 3:45 5. Telaga Dundan (Early Pond) 8:55 6. Perong Barong (Leaning Lord of the Forest) -Sekaha Mudita Sahanti 13:16 7. Guak Maling Taloh (Crow Steals Egg) - Sekaha Pegasangsangan Tanah Haji 3:40 8. Turun Daun (Slowly Descend) - I Kadek Sarwa 2:33 9. Pemungkah (Opening)- Sekaha Cakepung Tri Adnyana Atemahan Tunggal