Bac Ninh Folk Songs - Sitting by the Peach Mullioned Window

Bac Ninh Folk Songs - Sitting by the Peach Mullioned Window

Product Description

Ca Quan Ho or Bac Ninh Folk Songs are a genre of songs featuring call and response group singing. From Bac Ninh province, north of Hanoi, the songs are believed to date back to the 13th century, and are performed during the famous spring festivals that took place at the numerous pagodas in the region. Originally sung in exchange between mandarin families, its popularity spread throughout the northern region, and is today one of the most important types of Vietnamese folk song. Men and women take turns singing in a kind of challenge and response to eachother. On this CD the wonderful female singer is Tranh Quy while the following track is sung by a male singer Quy Trang, they go back and forth except for a couple of duets. On Bac Ninh folk songs, women and men are afforded equal status, there is mutual respect and some good natured banter. The songs are generally upbeat, extolling the joys of nature, hard work that is shared by group singing. Melodious, graceful and poetic, the songs are accompanied by dan-bau (monochord), sao-truc (bamboo flute) tam thap luc (dulcimer) with occasional guitar and keyboards. This wonderful CD maintains a strong Vietnamese flavour and all song titles are given English translations.

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