Asagao (Cardboard Jacket)

Asagao (Cardboard Jacket)

Product Description

Between Spring and Summer 1982, two budding musicians recorded a cassette tape. Sohichiro Suzuki and Michio Kojima, began to use the name World Standard for their project. The music was produced in a room in Kojima's parent's house in Nishi-Okikubo in Tokyo. Suzuki played guitars, mandolin and ukulele, while Kojima played piano. Percussion was recorded using the echo of the bathroom, various toy pianica and trumpets, drums made of cardboard. The sound of the TV was captured. These soundscape recordings were in contrast to the techno pop and new wave popular at the time. The analogue, acoustic sounds conveyed their fascination with black and white European films and the 1950s Japan they grew up. Asagao was the first of several demo recordings before World Standard recorded for Haruomi Hosono's Non-Standard label in 1985. The original tape was restored and remastered, in the same order of songs as on the cassette. Cover redesigned by Yu Yokoyama from the original cassette design.

1. Wheat Harvest
2. Soiree
3. West is West
4. Prima
5. Canary
6. Strawberry
7. Sand Water
8. Forest
9. Acrobatics
10. Hat and Walking Stick
11. Wipe Sweat with a Handkerchief