Así soy yo

As soy yo

Product Description

Cathy Claret has made some of the most innovative and infectious Romani music of the last thirty years. This album marks a high point in her quest to record an album totally within the Roma community; recorded, played, mixed and produced by a predominantly young cast of Roma musicians from the La Mina district of Barcelona, where Cathy has lived in recent years. Rooted in living, breathing Roma traditions, Cathy was also able to fully explore her own ideas and apply her own character to the music, furthering the ‘pop flamenco’ style she has become known for.The album was recorded between 2019 and 2022, mostly in the home studio, Barrio de la Mina, of producer, Che, who has been helping to develop new styles such as Romani trap, rap, and flamenco reggaeton. The young musicians included Jugenio Santiago, a highly rated flamenco guitarist from Barcelona, who produced the acoustic songs on this album.

Speaking about this album, Cathy says, ‘my voice is almost French, like Françoise Hardy and Jane Birkin. But my life is more Roma. It's a fusion of two worlds that are musically far apart. During the production of this album, the romanticism in me was vibrant. This work realised the fusion of pop and Romani music, mainly flamenco, which I had been dreaming about for a long time. It reflects who I am more than ever before. On previous albums I've been working with musicians who weren't Roma, so I haven't been able to achieve the Roma quality that I'm looking for. I was able to fully express the half of my life, the bond I have with Roma, who have encouraged and accepted me since my teenage years.’

Born in Nimes in southern France, Cathy spent her formative years living in several cities in three continents. Orphaned as a teenager, she was adopted as the tenth daughter in a large Roma family. Her life was immersed in music, and she soon learned to play several instruments, including flute, electric bass and guitar. She sent a demo tape to Virgin France, and promptly got signed up, who released her first album in 1987. Several more albums followed, and from the late 1980s and into the 1990s, her music and trademark vocals, were picked up by artists from the Japanese ‘Shibuya-kei’ scene, such as Kahimi Karie and others. This love affair with Japan continues to this day with this album and her previous from 2018, Primavera, released by Tokyo record label, Respect Records.

One of the originators of ‘pop flamenco’ who for thirty years has inspired musicians in Tokyo as much as Barcelona, straddling the worlds of romani music, flamenco and French pop, has returned with perhaps her greatest achievement.

1. Agua Coca Cola, Fregasuelo Verde
Lyrics/Composition: Cathy Claret Arrangement: Che, Cathy Claret
This is the first song composed for this album. Cathy was moved by the sound of the words "Agua Coca-Cola Fregasuelo Verde". These three items are almost the minimum necessities of life, that give us a glimpse into the daily lives of Roma women.

2. Así soy yo (version Che remix)
Lyrics: Cathy Claret Composition: Cathy Claret, Juanito Motos Arrangement: Eugenio Santiago
A song reflecting on Cathy's way of and outlook on life, as she sings, "I always go on a different path to everyone else."

3. Baby Blue featuring Soleá Morente,
Lyrics/Composition: Cathy Claret Arrangement: Eugenio Santiago, Cathy Claret
Described by Cathy as ‘A love song that is sensuous like a poem’.Guest vocals by the young flamenco singer Solea Morente, whose father is Enrique Morente.

4. Sunny
Lyrics/Composition: Bobby Hebb Arrangement: Che, Cathy Claret
Cover of the 1996 hit song by American soul singer Bobby Hebb.

5. Comme ci comme ça featuring Lin Cortés
Lyrics/Composition: Cathy Claret Arrangement: Eugenio Santiago, Cathy Claret
Flamenco guitarist Lynn Cortez joins in as guest vocalist. Sung as a waltz in Spanish and French.

6. Solo sé que no sé nada
Lyrics/Composition: Cathy Claret Arrangement: Che, Cathy Claret
A Latin trap/reggaeton tune with a rhythm track by producer Che. According to Cathy, her vocal is a bit of a surprise, with a trap vibe.

7. Utópico
Lyrics/Composition: Cathy Claret Arrangement: Eugenio Santiago, Cathy Claret
"No one lies, no one steals, no one competes. It's about the yearning for peaceful relationships." (Cathy)

8. Alegría de vivir featuring Piraña
Lyrics/Composition: Ray Heredia Arrangement: Edu Cortes, Che, Cathy Claret
This is a cover of the work of Roma singer-songwriter Jose Heredia Bermudez (commonly known as Rai Heredia) of the group Ketama. "I love this song so much that I want to write it. I sang it with respect" (Cathy).

9. Las dudas
Lyrics: Cathy Claret Composition: Cathy Claret, Juanito Motos Arrangement: Eugenio Santiago, Cathy Claret
Teenage brothers José and Juan, join the chorus, who live in the La Mina area. "I'm singing about the hardships of life. But with a little hope, I also incorporated the theme of love." (Cathy)

10. Porque te vas
Lyrics/Composition: José Luis Perales Morillas Arrangement: Che, Cathy Claret
A cover of a song by Jose Luis Perales. A worldwide hit, was included in the soundtrack to the film Cria cuervos.

11. Así soy yo (acoustic version)
Lyrics: Cathy Claret, Composition: Cathy Claret, Juanito Motos, Arrangement: Eugenio Santiago Acoustic version of the title song. A version by flamenco guitarist Jugenio Santiago.

Bonus track
12. Rayo featuring Raimundo Amador
Lyrics: Cathy Claret Composition: Cathy Claret, Raimundo Amador Arrangement: Cathy Claret, Esteban Gracia
Recorded in August 2018, first time on CD. Featuring the flamenco guitar by Raimundo Amador, one of Spain's leading guitarists. Lyrics contain the message ‘Don't lose hope at any time.’