Apple of Our Eye - White, Duets

Apple of Our Eye - White, Duets

Product Description

Part of the Ringo no Komoriuta series. On this album Japanese artists cover 'lullabies' written post-Beatles by individual members of the group in duet. What makes this album and the others in the series interesting is the list of artists that includes Haruomi Hosono (on two tracks) Yoshie Nakano (Ego-Wrappin) and other creative musicians who have been inspired by John, Paul, George and maybe even Ringo.1. Ann Sally & Haruomi Hosono - Love 2. Asako Toki + Yuichi Ohata - My Love 3. Hana Chiba + Tadahiro Sai - Blue Bird 4. Mitsuko Koike + Haruomi Hosono - Only You (and You Alone) 5. Ikuko Harada + Hanareigumi - Oh My Love 6. Tadahiro Sai + Ann Sally - Here Today 7. Mitsuko Koike + Keiichi Sogabe - Grow Old with Me 8. Junk (instrumental) 9. Yuichi Ohata + Maki Nagayama - Be Here Now 10. Shione Yukawa + Keichi Sogabe - Look at Me 11. Yoshie Nakano + Gen Hoshino - All Things Must Pass 12. All Featured Artists - Happy Xmas