Antique Semar Pegulingan Court Gamelan

Antique Semar Pegulingan Court Gamelan

Product Description

Mekar Bhuana are becoming an instituion in their native Bali, and are the leading gamelan orchestra for reviving and preserving near extinct gamelan traditions. They were founded in 2000 by New Zealand ethnomusicoligist Vaughan Hatch. The group performed the pieces on this CD on their antique seven-tone semar pegulingan gamelan. Ten beautiful tracks of reconstructed music that was extinct or rarely heard, and studied from elderly masters or vintage recordings. Seven semar pegulingan tracks played in three different ancient modes and three pelegongan pieces, one of which, a composition by the famous early 20th century composer, I Wayan Lotring, has never previously been released. Superbly recorded in a natural outdoor environment. Comes with extensive English liner notes. A monumental album of gamelan music. Listen to samples.
1. Kawitan Tembung (Kamasan, Klungkung style, tembung scale) 2. Gadung Melati (Kamasan, Klungkung style, tembung scale) 3. Gambang Kuta (Banjar Teges Kanginan, Ubud style, lebeng scale) 4. Sekar Gadung (Reconstructed from recording of gamelan set from an unidentified village, baro scale) 5. Bopong (Banjar Tegal, Kuta style, tembung scale) 6.Semarandana (Banjar Pagan Kelod, Denpasar style, baro scale) 7. Unduk (Kamasan, Klungkung style, selisir scale) 8. Gambang Kuta (Banjar Teges Kanginan, Ubud style, tembung scale) 9. Jerbon (Banjar Pagan Kelod, Denpasar style, selisir scale) 10.Tabuh Gari Penutup (Banjar Pagan Kelod, Denpasar style, tembung scale)