Product Description

In Italy, regional and local identities have largely remained distinct and widely celebrated. Including traditional, roots and folk music. Perhaps nowhere more so than in southern Italy.

This album is a collection of famous traditional songs from southern Italy, including Puglia, Campania, Sicily, Basilicata, Calabria and Sardinia. Italian Rondinella Quartet are all highly accomplished musicians from different towns in southern Italy. Wonderful, emotional vocals are accompanied by mandolin, guitar and percussion.

Female vocalist Enza Pagliara explains. “My passion for traditional Italian music has led me to explore the repertoire of traditional music from various regions, especially southern Italy, for over twenty years. I thought it would be interesting for Japanese and listeners around the world to discover the differences in rhythms and melodies from the various regions. From a large collection of songs, we selected traditional oral songs from southern Italy, which were originally sung acapella.” Percussionist Luigi Morelo set about arranging them, respecting tradition with a modern sensibility by adding new harmonies and rhythms.

“The songs have been arranged and remade in a modern way” says Enza “but they still convey the feelings contained in those traditional songs. I sang them with all my heart” continues Enza, “with the feeling of ‘singing for the earth’”. The songs convey the importance of love and kindness, universal emotions that we can all connect with in these busy modern times. In Italy, each region has its own language and music, and we would be happy if the listener can feel the unique atmosphere, rhythm and charm of the music of southern Italy.”

Enza Pagliara, Vocals
Extraordinary singer and collector of songs. Born in Torchiarolo, Puglia. Has collaborated with a wide range of artists including Stewart Copeland, Ludovico Einaudi, Goran Bregovic, Phil Manzanera and Petruzzelli Symphony Orchestra. A researcher of southern Italian folk songs, she participated in numerous films, documentaries and other projects contributing to the preservation and promotion of Italian folklore.

Mauro Squillante, Mandolin
From Naples, Campania. A specialist and researcher of ancient string instruments. Leader of Napoli Mandolin Orchestra. Has performed around the world as a solo musician as well as various duos, trios and ensembles. Is attached to various universities holding courses and masterclasses around the world. Has appeared on numerous recordings for prestigious record companies.

Sante Tursi, Guitar
From Bari, has won numerous awards at international competitions including Segovia of Granada and Tokyo International Guitar Competition. Has performed at many of the great concert halls around the world, and recorded an album of chamber music from the early 19th century.

Luigi Morleo, Percussion
Born in Torchiarolo, Puglia. World renowned percussion player, has performed and directed music by including Steve Reich, John Cage, as well as musicians from jazz, world music and other styles. Has composed film soundtracks and had his compositions performed in Europe, USA. South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

1. Tammurriata del Vesuvio (Campania / Napoletano)
Campania and Naples are rich in roots and traditional music, mixing popular and classical elements that cut across social classes and musical styles. A traditional Campanian song and dance performed with the tambourine. A young man sings of his beloved, while his mother laments him marrying.

2. Lu nigghje 'n aria va (Basilicata / Lucano)
Basilicata, also known by its ancient name Lucania is a region in Southern Italy, bordering Campania to the west, Apulia to the north and east, and Calabria to the south. In this song, parents are wondering who their daughter should marry.

3. ‘Ntunucciu (Puglia/Salentino)
Puglia is another culturally rich region for traditional music, such as tarantolati. A funeral song that guides a loved one into eternal sleep, that love overcomes death.

4. A spuntunera (Calabria / Calabrese)
Calabria is the ‘boot’ of Italy, where agricultural cycles and festivals remain a part of life. A man sings of the beauty of his beloved.

5. Riciclare NoAltRight
An original song composed by Luigi Morleo and the only instrumental track who comments, “by recycling we protect the environment without infringing on people’s rights. These two things might seem different but they are both necessary to make the world a better place.”

6. Oriamu rindineddha (Puglia / Grico)
A young man asks a swallow that has crossed the ocean about his parents and loved ones who are waiting for his return. The songs evokes nostalgic feelings.

7. La rustagghjia (Sardegna / Sardo)
Thought to be from Sardinia, Enza’s research revealed the song originated in Corsica. A sickle belonging to Simonu is stolen and a priest speaks in church about the importance of the sickle and urges the thief to return it.

8. Suennu suennu (Puglia / Salentino)
“This song is very important to me” explains Enza “My mother sang it to me when I very little so it remains in my heart more than any other. Every time I sing this song is like an out of body experience. The song evokes the warmth and security of maternal love.

9. A la nicusiota (Sicilia / Sicilliano)
From Nicosia, in Sicily. A man expresses his feelings of love, ‘my heart will never sleep to capture your beauty’.

Recorded at Music Suite, Sammichele di Bari, Italy. Mixed at Audionova Atmosphere Studio, di Matera, Italy. Sound Engineer, Eustacchio Montemurro. Mastering: Studio Chatri (Tokyo) Mastering engineer: Mitsukazu Tanaka