Amamiaynu (LP Vinyl)

Amamiaynu (LP Vinyl)

Product Description

Very welcome release onto vinyl! I first heard the voice of Ikue Asazaki on a cassette tape in the mid 1990s. Her earthy Amami island vocal style accompanied by piano. She has gone on to conisderable success, sometimes on albums bordering on new age.In 2003, Ikue Asazaki stood on a stage on Amami island wth Ainu elder singer Umeko Ando overlooking the sea. For those lucky enough to witness it, it was a magical performance that has gone down in the annals of Amami and Ainu music history.

The blend of Ainu and Amami feels entirely natural, despite the musicians coming from the very opposite ends of Japan. Constantly surprsing and original, the music on this album too is the opposite of new age. Evoking the spirit of Ainu elder female singer Umeko Ando who died in 2004, her voice is remarkably resurrected on two tracks. Miturasanmae Kamuy Samada is a newly recorded version for this vinyl release. With other Ainu female vocals, mesmerizing tonkori, and the blend of Amami and Ainu, this album is a triumph.

Side A
1. Ikyabiki no Yaysama
2. Ito
3. Kyuramun rimse
4. Chijurihama no Kamome

Side B
5. Eumi Rimse
6. Makya Makya Upopo
7. Miturasanmae Kamuy Samada
8. Sengromui Menoko