Amami Yuta Secret God Songs

Amami Yuta Secret God Songs

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Amami island's spiritual ancient song 'Kamiuta' released for the first time. Enseishu is one of the last traditional spiritual practitioners on Amami Oshima. Since ancient times, Amami Oshima has had a custom of calling on the local psychic, Yuta, to perform rituals to welcome and send off the dead. However, with the passage of time, the number of people who request it and the number of people who perform it have decreased, and it is said that it is almost no longer practiced today .This CD is the first time that Enseishu has sung in public a number of sacred songs that he learned orally. When Yuta sacred songs are learned by word of mouth, all the shutters are closed to prevent others from hearing them or stealing them. However, in the Reiwa era, Enseishu decided that if things continued as they were, these songs and all the traditions would disappear, and he obtained permission to record them.

1. Noro negai
2. Teruko negai
3. Ten mishaku negai
4. Maburiwashi mukae bun
5. Maburiwashi okuri bun
6. Asabanabushi
7. Yoisurabushi
8. Anma hana
1. Noro Wish2. Teruko Wish3. Heavenly Mishaku Wish4. Mavriwasi welcome letter5. Mavriwashi send-off letter6. Morning Flower Festival7. Yoisura-bushi8. Anma flower[Explanation of some songs by Osamu Ensei himself]·Noro wishContents: Genesis: The world began in India and the gods also arrived. The name of the god is Amaterasu Omikami, Izanami Izanami. The origin of Noro (celebrating women) spread from the Tang Dynasty to Okinawa, and then to the entire Amami Island.·Teruko WishContents: Teruko is Teruko. In other words, it means the child of the sun god. The song expresses the joy of a child of the sun god realizing his background, purifying himself in a sacred river, and being welcomed by the sun god.·Ten MishakuContent: This song is sung during the ritual of exchanging a cup with God, expressing the joy of being guided by God and living as a child of God, and wishing that God's name and one's reputation as Utah may be honored. song.·MaburiwashiGreeting sentence: Sung when calling the dead.Sentence: A song that guides the dead to heaven without letting them get lost.·Anma flowerThis is a song my brothers and I made together as a present for Anma (their mother) at my suggestion. I wrote the lyrics, and my brother Hiroki Tanaka did the music and arrangement.