Amami Shima Uta no Kokoro 1

Amami Shima Uta no Kokoro 1

Product Description

Concert DVD filmed in Tokyo on July 12 and 13 2006 of the maestro of Amami shimauta. The music of Amami, situated in Kagoshima prefecture, half way between the Japanese mainland and Okinawa is unique. It is played in the minor as in Japan but is called Shima Uta and is played on the sanshin as on Okinawa. The falsetto style vocal however, doesn't exist anywhere apart from Amami. Kazuhira Takeshita is considered one of the island's greatest ever musicians. He was born in 1933 into a musical family in the village of Shokazu, and started learing shimauta from the age of twelve. He made his professional debut in 1959 and ever since has been one of the the leading exponents of Amami shimauta throughout Japan. Sixteen tracks of standard Amami traditional songs such as Asabana Bushi (always performed at the beginning of a session to purify the performance area plus Kuridando Bushi, Shiomichi Nagahama Bushi, Hanazome Bushi, Honen Bushi and Rokucho.