A Tribute to Saloma

A Tribute to Saloma

Product Description

Tribute to the Malaysian/Singaporean singer Saloma, ex-wife of another great P. Ramlee, who was popular in Malaysia from the 1950s until the 1980s. Released to coincide with a big budget biopic in Malaysia which has increased her popularity, especially with young people. This tribute features mostly contemporary rock groups and pop singers with only a dabbling of the more rootsy, traditional sounding style of Saloma herself. Includes Saloma on the final track.
1. Hanzama - Airmata Di Kuala Lumpur 2. Aweera - Aku, Dia Dan Lagu 3. AKIM - Biarlah Aku Pergi 4. The Typewriter & Azlan - Malam Terakhir 5. The Lomas - Bila Larut Malam 6. Rafidah Ibrahim - Mengapa Di Rindu 7. Amy Matsura - Bossanova 8. Persis - Apa Guna Berjanji 9. Numerus - Ada Ubi Ada Batas 10. Saloma - Istana Cinta