A Piece of Future (SALE)

A Piece of Future  (SALE)

Product Description

SALE! Was £19.99, now £16.99. In 2011, it was 20 years since Fishmans, the Japanese dub/electronic band, released their first album. Fishmans + started in February 2011 in honour of this well respected band and their singer Shinji Sato who died in 1999. A Piece of Future was performed at their first live event held in March 2012. Here it is remixed by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Takkyu Ishino and Tetsuya Umeda, with other versions for 2011 and a radio mix. Musicians who took part in the the live performance include Kinichi Mogi (drums), Jo Kashiwabara (bass), Hakase-Sun (keyboards), Shinya Kogure (guitar), Hosui Ameya (sound effects), Keigo Oyamada (guitar), Yumiko Ono (mini moog), Yuji Katsui (violin), Joji Sawada (string arrangement), Tabito Nanao (vo), Hanaregumi (vo), Ikuko Harada (vocals).
1. A Piece Of Future 2012 2. Sakamoto`s Lure Mix For Fishmans 3. Takkyu Ishino Remix 4. Umeda Tetsuya Played Cassette Tape. 5. A Piece Of Future 2011 6. A Piece Of Future-radio Mix