A Guide to South African Music (Book + CD)

A Guide to South African Music (Book + CD)

Product Description

One of the near legendary Audi-Book series compiled by Toyo Nakamura, Japan's most respected music journalist who died in 2011. Long out of print, a few copies have recently surfaced. The Audi-book label was active between 1989 and 1997 and was mostly compiled fromToyo's extensive collection of 78s and LPs. A5 size digipack style with book (in Japanese) and CD. Released to coincide with an exhibition at the Musashino Art University Museum and Library called, The Century of Popular Music, Tracing the Dynamism of 20th Century Popular Music Through the Toyo Nakamura Collection. Rare and brilliant recordings from apartheid era South Africa.
1. Madumwa Kalwa Machongola / Witwatersrand Gold Mine Workers - Shangaan Tribe 2. Amanigel Coons / Reuben Caluza Male Quartet 3. Si Zinyoni / Edwin Mkhize & The Singing Birds 4. Mbube / Solomon Linda's Original Evening Birds 5. Ulala Kanjani / Gumedes Concertina Band 6. Ichibamu / Dorothy Masuka & Her Singing Guitars 7. Intombi Netfuzwa / Evening Birds With Orch. 8. Ma-Popo / African Swingsters /leader:Ellison Temba 9. Rock Rock Jazz / Zacks Nkosi & His Sextet 10. Zulu Blues / Hi-Life Septette 11. Kwela Kong / Spokes Mashiyane 12. Little Lemmy Kwela / Little Lemmy & Big Joe 13. London Special / Little Lemmy Special 14. Africa / The Sumbeams /vo:Miriam Makeba 15. Phata Phata / Johannesburg Street Band 16. Kweleentonga / Gwi Gwi's Band /as:Dudu Pukuwana 17. Wazula / Sofasonke Swingsters /leader:Edmund Piliso 18. Mkize(Monkey Jive No.2) / Dark City Sisters 19. Segametsi / Dark City Sisters 20. Usikotheni / Dark City Sisters 21. Mapopotana / Mahotella Queens With Mahlathini 22. Two Mabone / Robert Popape & West Nkosi 23. Buti Buti / Lemmy Special & His Flutes 24. Shitshabyna Sha Ribolwa / M.D.Shirinda & Gaza Sisters 25. Bande Ngelami / The Happy Stars