A Guide to Haitian Music (Book + CD)

A Guide to Haitian Music (Book + CD)

Product Description

One of the near legendary Audi-Book series compiled by Toyo Nakamura, Japan's most respected music journalist who died in 2011. Long out of print, a few copies have recently surfaced. The Audi-book label was active between 1989 and 1997 and was mostly compiled fromToyo's extensive collection of 78s and LPs. A5 size digipack style with book (in Japanese) and CD. Released to coincide with an exhibition at the Musashino Art University Museum and Library called, The Century of Popular Music, Tracing the Dynamism of 20th Century Popular Music Through the Toyo Nakamura Collection. This edition includes rare vintage recordings from Haiti.
1. Choucounne / Dunham, Katherine 2. Dodo Titit Maman / Emy De Pradines 3. Rara Riffs By Vaccines / Ti-Marcel 4. Damballah / Tiroro 5. Rhythms Petro / Field Recording 6. Ibo Lé Lé / Dambala Wédo Singers 7. Congo Moundong / Jean Leon Destiné 8. Ti-Joe Carabien / Ti-Marcel 9. Avant Simple / Unidentifield Artists 10. Tarlatane / Unidentifield Artists 11. Bam Bosso Separé Li / Rodolphe Legros 12. Li Bon Chou Chou / Prob. Rodolphe Legros 13. Adeline / Unidentifield Artists 14. Shango / Guy Durosier 15. Basilica / Issa El Saieh 16. Roi Tcha-Tcha / Issa El Saieh 17. Cé Yaya / Jazz Des Jeunes 18. Anciens Jeunes / Jazz Des Jeunes 19. Nibo / Edner Guignard 20. Carnaval Compas Direct / Nemours Jean-Baptiste 21. Joui La Vie / Webert Sicot 22. Ce Pas / Tabou Combo