2nd - The Neo Sound of Korea

2nd - The Neo Sound of Korea

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It's been a long time since there was an album by Puri, one of Korea's best groups, who play traditional Korean piri (reed instrument) and percussion instruments to make a contemporary Korean roots sound. Their first album is probably our best ever selling Korean title, so this is a welcome follow up. The big change to the group is the addition of Han Seung-Seok, who is a pansori singer and Jeong Jae-Il who comes from a pop background. Some of the tracks therefore feature traditional Korean vocals and western guitar, piano and keyboards alongide the Korean and other world percussion instruments. If you're looking for a Korean group who are pushing the boundaries of their tradition in an interesting way, look no further than Puri. Seven tracks. 1. The Space 2. Binari 3. Jaryong Shooting an Arrow 4. Dahdri 5. Docheongung 6. Reminiscence 7. Daechuita.