2009 - Sekijima Takero's Film Music

2009 - Sekijima Takero's Film Music

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Takero Sekijima is one of Japan's unheralded musical talents. Playing tuba and recorder, he was a member of the pioneering group Compostela in the 1980s, played on Okinawan Tetsuhiro Daiku's brilliant albums in the mid 90s, is a member of Cicala Mvta and Kuricorder Quartet. This album contains his compositions from three soundtracks. He is joined by musicians he has collaborated with for many years, such as Kenji Kondo (Kuricorder Quartet), Kanji Nakao and several others.
1. Harawata 2. Father 3. Cram School 4. Aoki 5. Shoeshine in Morning - Endroll 6. Dance 7. The Old Man and Kite 8. Departure 9. Bus Stop 10. Mr 'Thank You' 11. Cherry Blossoms and Kite 12. Night 13. Morning 14. Good Night 15. Immortality 16. Fish of Light