1989 LP Box (x3 LP Vinyl)

1989 LP Box (x3 LP Vinyl)

Product Description

Released October 2023. Second vinyl box set to commemorate 50 years of highly influential Sadistic Mika Band. This is the second period with Karen Kirishima on vocals. Appare was released in 1989, and included the hit single 'Boys & Girls'. This was followed by Seiten, recorded at Tokyo Bay NK Hall also in 1989. This is the first time the live album has been issued on vinyl. Both albums remastered by Yoshinori Sunahara, with Ray Ohara in London. Half speed cutting by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, 180g vinyl, 32 page photo book, with unpublished photos.


Side A
1. Boys & Girls
2. Brains on Fire
3. Bara wa Plasma
4. Nigiyaku na Kodoku
5. Kureru Omoi

Side B
6. 42 Degrees no Picnic
7.Dashiru Harmet & Popcorn
8. Un Coco Loco
9. Ai to Kairaku Shughisa
10. 7 Days at Last!

Seiten Live in Tokyo 1989

1. Dontaku
2. Typhoon
3. Bara wa Plasma
4. 42 degrees C no Picnic
5. No Ni Fire! Brain's on Fire

Side B

1. Kureru Omoi
2. Ai to Kairaku Sugisha
3. 7 Days, At Last
4. Dashiell Hammett & Pop Corn

Side C

1. Funky Mahjong
2. Un Coco Loco
3. Nigiyaka na Kodoku
4. Boogie Medley

Side D
1. Black Ship (4th June)
2. Time Machine ni Onegi
3. Hei Made Hitottobi
4. Boys & Girls