15 Year Anniversary Best

15 Year Anniversary Best

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Best album to celebrate 15 years of the instrumental quartet. Over the years Kuricoder have evolved from a one off group to backing group to releasing a number of albums and collaborating with many artists such as UA, Morio Agata and Chemistry. From chamber music to wacky cover versions, includes the hits ' Theme from Pythagora Switch' and 'Teikoku no March'. 19 tracks.
1.Country March 2. Pejie 3. Bonnet Bus 4. Toku No Tomodachi 5. La Maison En Petits Cubes 6. Hikarinotoki 7. Botanical Garden.3am 8. Little Suite `pythagora Switch` 9. Grandpapa`s Eleven Month 10. Take Me Home.Country Roads 11. The Imperial March 12. Kaiju Booska 13. Harukanaru Daichi Yori 14. Apao`s Trip 15. Sunset Driver 16. 1000 Bridges Across Summer & Autumn 17. Kiyoraka-na Sanbi 18. Pavane Pour Une Infante Defunte