1 & 2 Live at Taku Taku (2 CDs + DVD)

1 & 2 Live at Taku Taku (2 CDs + DVD)

Product Description

Collaboration album between two of the most acclaimed artists from Japan's alternative/improv/avant-garde music scene.The duo of Junko Fuchigami (vocal, melodian, pianica) and Hiroshi Funato (contrabass, chorus) team up with the 16 member Pascals. Both artists are have played to great acclaim overseas. Fuchigami to Funato are known for their simple set up of essentially bass and vocals, a chaotic mix of eastern inspired melodies and western influences, shifts in speed and improvisational passages that entertain and surprise. Pascals were formed in 1995 by Rocket Matsu and play music on an array of instruments, some almost toy like such as pianica, recorders, and various percussion with accordion, ukulele, violin, banjo. Rocket Matsu has previously collaborated with the duo, which you can watch from the link below.
CD1 - 7 traclks, CD2 - 9 tracks DVD - 8 tracks

Junko Fuchigami (vocal, melodian, pianica) and Hiroshi Funato (contrabass, chorus)
Rocket Matsu(Pianica, Accordion, Mandolin, Piano) Akane(Toy Piano, Pianica, Vocal) Kanai Taro(Guitar, Electric Guitar, Chorus) Chiku Toshiaki(Ukulele, Jew's Harp, Toys, Vocal) Hara Satoshi(Banjo, Chorus) Matsui Ayumi(Violin, Chorus) Kurischine(Violin, Chorus) Utsuo(Violin, Recorder, Chorus) Ohtake Sara(Violin, Recorder, Chorus) Miki Kota(Cello, Pandeiro, Chorus) Sakamoto Hiromichi(Cello, Electronics, Musical Saw, Mandoloncello) Nagahata Kazato(Trumpet, Soprano Saxophone, Gas Hose, Chorus) Ishikawa Koji(Percussion, Toys, Vocal) Yokosawa Ryutaro(Drums, Percussion, Chorus)