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The Greatest Kabuki Plays

The Greatest Kabuki Actors

The Greatest Kabuki DVDs



Japan's Medieval Theatre.

Classic Performances from the Past and Present on DVD



Puppets, Shamisen and Gidayu

The Best Performances and Performers on DVD



Sanshin and Shima Uta

Roots Music and More from the Ryukyu Islands

Okinawa Modern Roots

World Roots Music Library

King Records Series of 150 Albums of Traditional Music from Around the World.

World Roots Music

Japan - Modern

From Roots to Rock via Enka and Electronic.

The Very Best of Japanese Contemporary Music

Modern Japanese

Japan Traditional

Classical and Contemporary. Legendary Masters and Young Innovators.

All the Styles, All the Instruments.

Japan - Traditional


Morlam, Lukthung and Other Golden Sounds from the Land of Smiles


JVC World Sounds

The Acclaimed Series of 100 CDs of Traditional Music.

JVC World Sounds


From Sublime Traditions to Wild Pop Mixtures.



Ancient Traditions and Lilting Folk Made in Bustling Cities and Rural Communities.



Rare Recordings of the Legends of the 1960s and 70s, Modern Khmer Roots and Graceful Traditions.


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Welcome to Far Side Music

For over 20 years we have been the world's primary source for music from Japan, Okinawa, and other East Asian countries. On this web site you will find our recommended selection of over 6000 CDs and a fair smattering of DVDs and tapes too. We also sell a growing selection of used CDs and DVDs and new CDs at reduced prices. Get in touch if you have good condition used CDs of Japanese or Asian music that you wish to sell. You can listen to sound samples of hundreds of titles and we are regularly adding new sound samples for you to listen to. Nearly all our CDs and DVDs are imported directly from Japan and Far East Asia, and are mostly unavailable anywhere else outside of Asia. Our specialty is roots music in all its forms from traditional to modern and everything in between, together with the best in rock, pop, club, improvised, electronic, jazz and other genres. We have access to nearly everything released in Japan, and many titles released throughout Asia so please ask us if you don't see what you're looking for. If you need advice or recommendations we are always happy to help. We also sell the various high quality audio CD formats in Japan; SHM-CD, HQ, Blue-spec and SACD. Again, we can supply any available title of these, so please ask us if you can't find what you're looking for.

Our catalogue is mostly divided by country and musical genre to allow easy browsing if you are interested in a particular type of music. If you are searching for a particular artist, you could try clicking on the search icon from at the bottom of this page and then from Artist Search the drop down menu brings up a list of all the featured artists.

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In addition we release music on our own label, manage several Japanese and other Asian artists, book live concerts and tours, export and license music into Japan, are consultants to Japanese record companies in Europe, broadcast Far Side Radio, film video content, dj at events, produce records and coordinate recording sessions. Read the Other Services section for more details. Music from East Asia is probably the least represented in the west, our aim is to make the best music from the region available worldwide.



We have been awarded the Feefo inaugural Gold Trusted Merchant Award for achieving a service rating of 98% throughout 2013. Thanks to all our customers who left positive feedback!



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Far Side Radio, broadcasts on Resonance 104.4fm in London, and live on the internet every Wednesday at 12.00 noon playing music from the entire spectrum of our catalogues. You can now listen to a recent show whenever you like and an archive of previous shows by selecting Far Side Radio from the contents list.

If you enjoy Far Side Radio please support the show and the incredible radio station that broadcasts it, Resonance 104.4fm by donating. It will be much appreciated!

BBC Japan 2

You can listen here to Paul Fisher's two programmes recorded on location in Japan and Okinawa for BBC Radio 3 World Routes

BBC Japan

Click here to listen anytime to our Radio 3 Guide to Japan on the BBC world music web site.

Rice UK

Rice UK

Rice Records UK is a joint venture between Far Side Music and one of Japan's top world music labels, releasing worldwide CDs from Asia, the Caribbean and Brazil.

Best Sellers

TOMITA - Space Fantasy (SACD Hybrid + Bonus Track CD) 4ch Surround Sound

Space Fantasy (SACD Hybrid + Bonus Track CD) 4ch Surround Sound


YASUAKI SHIMIZU & SAXOPHONETTES - Goldberg Variations (For Five Saxophones and Four Contrabasses) (SACD Hybrid)

Goldberg Variations (For Five Saxophones and Four Contrabasses)  (SACD Hybrid)


RYUICHI SAKAMOTO - Esperanto (cardboard sleeve, SHM-CD, Limited Edition)

Esperanto (cardboard sleeve, SHM-CD, Limited Edition)


MAKOTO KUBOTA - Kauai March 05

Kauai March 05


- Japanese Musical Instruments - Koto / Shakuhachi (2 CDs)

Japanese Musical Instruments - Koto / Shakuhachi (2 CDs)


TOMITA - Tomita on NHK (New Edition)

Tomita on NHK (New Edition)


TORU YONAHA - Ninufa - Polaris

Ninufa - Polaris


HARUOMI HOSONO & RYUICHI SAKAMOTO - Haruomi Hosono x Ryuichi Sakamoto at EX Theater Roppongi 21.12.2013 DVD

Haruomi Hosono x Ryuichi Sakamoto at EX Theater Roppongi 21.12.2013 DVD


RYUICHI SAKAMOTO - Playing the Orchestra 2014 (DVD)

Playing the Orchestra 2014 (DVD)


- The Lovers' Exile - a film by Marty Gross (Blu-ray) (with English subtitles)

The Lovers' Exile - a film by Marty Gross (Blu-ray) (with English subtitles)



Irama Jazz


VARIOUS ARTISTS - Lagu-Lagu Melayu Nostalgia, Malaysian Vintage Music in the Early 60s

Lagu-Lagu Melayu Nostalgia, Malaysian Vintage Music in the Early 60s